Help support a wide variety of activities for marginalised communities in & around Atandahua through a donation.

We rely on people like you to help us continue to improve the lives of low-income populations in rural Ecuador. Donations are used exclusively to help cover the material, transport and volunteer costs associated with these activities.


Our Impact


Over 80

Workshops, Events &
1:1 Support Sessions
14 Monthly
Community Workshops
& Activities
$50 a month
What We Spend
to Host a Volunteer
Over 5,000
Hours Given

Our Activities

Community Social Impact Ecuador Donate

We run weekly art and English classes for local children, as well as bespoke workshops such as dance, first aid and cooking.

These activities provide new learning opportunities in an area with low-educational outcomes, as well as broadening the minds of local people as they participate alongside people from around the world.

Your donation will help us cover the cost of materials and volunteer expenses so that we can deliver high-quality, ongoing workshops.

Community Cafe Ecuador Donate

We run community various events, including cultural evenings and a community café where we exchange culture and strengthen our relationships with the local population.

We also host a monthly language exchange in Guaranda, which gives more advanced learners the opportunity to practice English with native speakers.

With a donation, you can help us sustain and improve these events, covering the essential costs associated with these activities.

Volunteering Donation Community
Bespoke Support

We receive volunteers with all sorts of professional skills. As part of our volunteer programmes, we make use of these skills to benefit the local community.

With our guidance and support, we have delivered engineering projects, individual physiotherapy support and socio-cultural research events just to give some examples.

Donations help us to cover the costs of these volunteering activities, enabling us to leverage professional support at low cost.


Support Us

40% of the rural population surrounding the town of Guaranda, Ecuador lives in poverty. Due to the lack of employment, education, infrastructure and healthcare, the area has high rates of issues such as child malnutrition (46%), teenage pregnancy (26%) & illiteracy (10%).


90% of the rural communities are indigenous, but their culture and language is under threat, as many young people abandon their culture and leave for the cities in search of a better life.


What We're Doing


At El Terreno, we're building a centre of cultural exchange and social innovation, where we bring together local Ecuadorians and others from around the world through sustainable tourism, culture, education and ecology – to create a more meaningful, sustainable and prosperous world.


On the 18th July 2022, we'll be celebrating one year since our first volunteer arrived. Since then, we've had over 80 volunteers from 19 countries, who have given over 5,000 hours of their time to build the cultural centre and help the local community.


We have impacted hundreds of lives by running over 100 community workshops and events, including art, cooking, English, community cafés, language exchanges and more!

We Need Your Help


Until now, the spaces and activities have been funded entirely through personal money invested by the founder, Joshua Holmes, amounting to over $12,000. However, in order for the programme to continue benefitting the under-privileged communities around Guaranda, we need your help.

$500 a month enables us to cover the basic expenses of 8 volunteers and the 3-4 weekly community activities. More will enable us to pursue bigger projects, such as our future clean cooking and water initiatives.

Donate Today


So please donate today, share with your network and follow what we do, so we can continue improving the future for rural communities in the Ecuadorian Andes of Guaranda. ¡Cultural Exchange for Collective Change!

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