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Our top picks of what to do near El Terreno

Local Activities

Local Hiking

Hiking Ecuador Nature Eco Tourism.jpg

Enjoy dozens of local hikes for all abilities right on your doorstep, taking in the unique local culture and stunning Andean skyline.

Spectacular Sunset

Caida pt2 7.jpg

Arguably the most beautiful sunset you will see in your life! Take a moment to reflect on life as you float above the clouds.

Cooking Classes

EcEx1 Cooking 8.jpg

Learn how to make traditional Ecuadorian dishes from local people for you to show off to your friends back home!

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Regional Trips

Salinas de Guaranda

Salinas de Guaranda Minas de Sal Ecuador Tourism.JPG

Take a tour of the salt mines and micro-businesses that have transformed an impoverished village into a thriving community - with some delicious pizza!

Hiking Chimborazo

EcEx 2 Chimborazo 4.jpg

The highest peak in Ecuador and the peak closest to the sun, the snow-capped Chimborazo volcano makes a majestic day out surrounded by wild vicuñas.

Jungle Adventures

Finca Urku Yachay (Nicky) 3.jpg

Pristine waterfalls, jungle hikes and tropical birds, the subtropical jungle of Guaranda is a largely undiscovered treasure of Ecuador.

Weekend Getaways

Adventure Sports in Baños

Baños Waterfall Diablo Tourism Ecuador.png

Rafting, zip lines, mountain biking, waterfalls and night clubs  - Baños is a tourist hot-spot with loads of  fun-filled activities!

Visit Quito's Old Town

Basilica Nacional Quito Tourism Ecuador.jpeg

Check out Quito's historic centre with beautiful architecture and fascinating museums, then enjoy a canelazo evening drink in the world's 2nd highest capital city.

Hike Quilotoa Crater-Lake

Quilotoa Crater Lake Volcano Tourism Ecuador Backpacking.jpeg

Stunning volcano crater filled with water to create a magical lagoon, with many day hiking around the quaint valleys around.

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