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Travel the world and use your skills to create something important by volunteering to build a cultural exchange centre in the Ecuadorian Andes. Your contribution will help us establish our core infrastructure which will provide training, education and leisure activities to international visitors and the low-income indigenous communities we serve.


Immerse yourself in another culture, while putting your skills to help us realise a vision of a more meaningful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Since July 2021, we've welcomed over 100 volunteers from around the world who have given their time and skills to make a positive difference here in the Andes. If you're looking for low-cost travel where you can meet new people and use your abilities on exciting projects, this opportunity is for you.

We're currently in the process of restoring a 150-year-old farmhouse into a vibrant cultural centre that will host an abundance of community, cultural, educational and tourism activities. We are also establishing permaculture gardens and expanding our volunteer programme.


If you have the practical skills to take us closer to these goals, we will provide you with accommodation, meals and a unique experience to immerse yourself in rural Andean culture.

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Volunteering Projects

Sustainable Building

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Use your building/architecture skills on an exciting build that will challenge you and be the centre of many future community activities.

Vol. Coordination

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Help maintain a welcoming living environment with other volunteers, coordinate meals & keep the programme running smoothly.

Sustainable Farming

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Help develop the design and implementation of our permaculture gardens, water systems, composting systems and animal care.

Filming & Marketing

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Create and publish high-quality content on our website and social media to help share our vision and mission with the world.

Recommended by Previous Participants

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Key Info


20hrs Work / Week (5hrs/day Mon-Thu)
Dormitory Accommodation w/ WiFi
Lunch Provided (Mon - Thu)
4 Weeks Minimum Stay

Workday Outline


8.00am: Group Check-in
8.30am: Work on the Cultural Centre
1pm: Communal Lunch
1.30pm: Free Time

2pm (Mon):
Communal Cleaning
3pm (Tue & Thu): Community English Class (optional)

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Volunteer Ecuador Building.jpg

Personal Attitude


We are looking for volunteers with these  characteristics:

Hard Workers | Solution-Focussed | Organised | Take Responsible | Team-Player | Empathic

Cosechando Maíz Ecuador Voluntariado

Magic and Beauty!


My time in the field could not have been a more wonderful experience, I had the opportunity to work on a beautiful project focused on direct interaction with the indigenous culture. Learning their language, their customs, their agriculture... 


They take care of the volunteers with a lot of love, so much so that a space of brotherhood is created where they can share without fear. The land is not only a place to learn construction, agriculture, cooking or art, but it is also a place to grow as a person and as a community.

Jorge (Spain)

¿Ready for the Adventure?

Imagine waking up to the cockerels at dawn as the sun rises over the horizon as you take in Chimborazo volcano over your morning coffee. After breakfast meet with the other volunteers and interns for a communal check-in and plan for the day.

Grab your tools and head up to El Terreno for a morning of satisfying work on the cultural centre construction project or permaculture gardens - with the opportunity to learn new skills and put others to work alongside locals. Afterwards, return for a hearty lunch which you spend the rest of the team and workers from the local community, sharing stories and learning about the local culture. 

In the afternoon, spend time cleaning the communal space, participating in the English class for the local children or simply relaxing. Later, spend the evening socialising with the other interns and volunteers at the sunset, or go out to a bar/restaurant in Guaranda.

Still not sure what volunteering in the Ecuadorian Andes would look like? Fill out our application form and we'll discuss your next adventure in the Ecuadorian Andes!

Use Your Skills.
Make a Difference.
Travel the World.

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