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Design & deliver a hands-on, personalised Journalism & Multimedia to improve your resume and gain real-world experience, while making a real difference to rural communities in the majestic Ecuadorian Andes.

Help tell the story of low-income indigenous communities so they may preserve their cultural heritage

The Challenge

Guaranda is one of Ecuador's poorest and least developed regions. With a large indigenous population, the rural communities struggle with high poverty rates (40%), child malnutrition (48%) and teenage pregnancy (up to 50%). 500 years after the Spanish colonisation, the forces of globalisation threaten the native language and cultural heritage of these communities, as many young people leave in search of better opportunities in the cities and through illegal migration to the US.

The Solution

With just a generation or two from these cultures being lost, documenting them may become essential in preserving knowledge before they are lost forever. By tell their stories to an international audience, there is a chance that the world can become aware of their struggles and a new generation can begin to take greater pride in the their ancestral history.

Agriculture Study Abroad Traineeship with Indigenous Communities

Recommended by Previous Participants


¡Advance Your Career!


Gain more multimedia experience with the support of trained mentors to expand your knowledge and build your confidence. 

Now more than ever, employers are looking for a resume with diverse experiences, certificates and strong references that an internship provides.

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¡Make a Difference!


This unique Andean culture is at risk of dying out, we need people document it and to tell their story before it's too late.

¡Travel The World!


Why study from behind a desk when you could be experiencing new countries and cultures at the same time? During your placement, explore Ecuador's diverse landscapes and cultures - making memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Abroad on a Internship Placement
"I had an amazing experience at El Terreno"

I participated in their Culture and Anthropology internship and learned more than I could ever have expected. The support from the team throughout the process was outstanding and my experience in a homestay and with the other volunteers and interns was absolutely amazing. I am so blessed to have had this experience and would strongly recommend to anyone else who is considering.

Naomi from the USA (Culture, Anthropology & Development)

Results from  Past Internships

Check out this final presentation from previous interns, to see what they've achieved during their time here

¿What's Included?

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Free Discovery Call & Plan
Flexible Start Date & Duration
Educational Documentation Support
Pre-Arrival & Travel Support
Shared Accommodation with 
(Family Homestay also Available) 
Lunches Monday to Thursday
Weekly Professional Learning/Mentoring
In-Person Coordination
Materials Budget
Cultural Immersion
Free-Time Recommendations
Certificate of Completion
Written Reference

Only $145 / week

When Booked Before May 2024

We are a small independent organisation and receive no external funds for our programmes.
Your contribution is used to exclusively to deliver you the best internship programme possible!

Additional Services

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Private Room within a Local Family Homestay
Spanish/Kichwa Classes (before or during visit)
Private Transfer from Airport
Additional Professional Mentoring Sessions

¡Design Your Internship!

Application Process

  1. Fill out the online interest form

  2. Participate in your discovery call, free of charge

  3. Review your personalised internship plan, free of charge

  4. Place your deposit & confirm your place

  5. Complete any required documents for your education provider

  6. Join us for an unforgettable experience in the Ecuadorian Andes!

Gain Experience.
Make a Difference.
Travel the World.

Imagine waking up to the cockerels at dawn as the sun rises over the horizon as you take in Chimborazo volcano over your morning coffee. After breakfast, walk down to meet your mentor, stopping to say hello to the friendly neighbours in the community as they take their cows to pasture.

Spend an hour to talk through your plans with your mentor, deepening your technical knowledge and finding out how to implement it within the local environment. Then take a trip into the colonial city of Guaranda to do some shopping and stop at a café to do some more research. Get back in time for lunch, which you spend with the rest of the team and workers from the local community, sharing stories and learning about the local culture. 

Meet with your coordinator in the afternoon, to plan your pilot project or present your findings to the local community, before joining other interns and volunteers to go and watch the sunset, go out to a local bar/restaurant or simply spend the evening learning more from your host family.

Still not sure what a hands-on in the Ecuadorian Andes would look like? Speak to our team who will create you a personalised internship plan to give you a glimpse into the future, all free of charge.

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