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Discovering My Culture

My name is Wilson, but you can call me Will. I am a teacher of English/Spanish language pedagogy ( and a lover of cultural exchange projects, travel and social assistance. I decided to come to El Terreno Guaranda to use my skills in the education projects they have, such as English classes, art and learning about permaculture, and more about the Andean culture of my country.

Being here has allowed me to work on a research project in the 5 communities surrounding Atandahua. We wanted to know the needs of who we want to benefit with these educational projects, so that we can offer them better activities that are meaningful to them in their studies according to what they learn in school, useful for their daily lives, and above all, to take advantage of the human talent (volunteers) who, like me, want to be part of this social impact.

During this time, I have been able to learn more about the Andean culture, it's traditions and make new friends through my fellow volunteers and the people of the community.

I am also grateful to Joshua the director and owner of the project for trusting my work and allowing me to be here for almost 5 months and be part of the coordination. It's a stage in which I have been able to develop my creativity in linguistic projects such as Language Exchange and help in the networking of the project to make it known in the province and the world. I have developed activities related to education, tourism, mountaineering, sustainable tourism ventures and collaborated with institutions such as the University of the city, cultural centers, mountain clubs, schools and colleges.

I am happy to be able to have the experience of being here and I hope in the future to be part of this social impact we want, there is still a lot to work on, but with the talent of volunteers and working on those clear needs, we can make a change with exchanges and take away an incredible experience being part of this project called "El Terreno".

Apoye a la Comunidad Local

Ayúdenos cubrir los gastos de las actividades gratuitas para que podamos educar, inspirar y mejorar la vida de la gente local. Incluso una donación pequeña nos permite cubrir costas de los voluntarios, materials y transporte.

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